Assembly Service

GREENPCB strives to provide its customers convenience and flexibility.  We specialize in quickturn, small quantity PCB assembly services with 3 flexible options for ordering: Turnkey, where we provide everything you will need to have you PCB assembled and ready to use.  Kitted or Consigned, where you supply the parts.  Also, our Combo option where you supply some of the parts and we take care of the rest.

GREEN PCB Assemblly specializes in building your short-run, one-off and prototype PCB assemblies, with rapid turn times and instant online quoting and ordering. Whether you prefer “Kitted” assembly or “Turnkey” or “Combo” assembly ,GreenPCB Assembly does both – and with multiple awards for customer satisfaction and quality to prove it. Not only that, but GreenPCB Assembly will guarantee on-time delivery, ensuring that you get what you need, when you need it.

When all this is combined with the years of experience and professionalism , you can be confident that your PCBs have been fabricated and assembled exactly to your specifications. Which means, of course, that any bugs you’re chasing in your prototype won’t be a stray short, open, malformed through hole or other manufacturing or assembly anomaly… Instead, you can turn all your attention to testing and verifying the circuit design.

All this is just one more way GreenPCB Assembly will work to remove potential design issues from your prototypes – getting you through development and into production that much faster.

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